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  • Forget About Everything for Awhile

    Forget About Everything for Awhile


    The thing I like most about Joel Haver movies is that they take their time. He draws the viewer in by letting them sit in every shot. The composition is great, color is really nice, and the entire thing was improvised and shot over a week. It's very impressive.

    This pairs very nicely with Haver's more recent feature, Pretend That You Love Me. In both, there's a theme of yearning for some kind of human connection. I think a lot of people needed that in 2020 and he captures it so well.

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    The Indivisible Man

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  • She and Her Cat

    She and Her Cat


    Who knew cats were so poetic?

    Please seek out the original version of this short. The fandub just doesn't seem to fit correctly.

  • Detachment



    Like the movie, this review is hard to get through.

    Some movies are like a storm. There is the calm before the storm, the first gusts, the eye, and then the final tempest rolls through. Like a storm, Detachment whisks you on a directionless emotional flight. When you've finally been put back on the ground, you are just as lost as you were in the air.

    This is a consequential movie that has left me breathless, broken and despondent. If I judge my film of the year based on emotional response, this one might just have it.