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  • Searching



    "I really loved this movie. The screen capture technique works so well here and really adds to the purpose of the movie. In lesser hands, they would have used it as an excuse to be lazy. In Unfriended they used it as an excuse to sneak blatant cuts in, but they were so lazy they didn’t even try to hide it. You will literally see characters just teleport on the screen because they added a cut. Thankfully that never happens…

  • The Happytime Murders

    The Happytime Murders


    I can get behind raunchy offensive movies, but not when they are not funny or clever. This movie has zero going for it. It did nothing well. The writing is absolute garbage, and it honestly feels like it came from the mind of a sixth grader. They think showing puppets have lewd sex, cursing, and showing people use drugs qualifies as humor. it does not. Unlike other offensive shows and movie, like South Park, and Meet the Feebles, there is…

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  • Skyscraper



    It is Die Hard for people who wanted Die Hard to be very stupid. The characters are bland, the story is generic, and the movie was obviously only made as an excuse to have Dwayne Johnson be in cool action set pieces. See The Rock jump across a building. See The Rock scale a Skyscraper. See the Rock walk across a pole over top of fire. The only good thing about the movie is that it is at times so dumb, that it becomes hilarious.

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    This movie is tough to talk about without spoiling. What I will say, is that it does not disappoint. All the build-up, all the hype, it lives up to it. Thanos is easily the best Marvel villain to date. The movie is tense, funny, and at times, heart-wrenching. if you have enjoyed other Marvel movies, just go see it.

    You can read my full review, with spoilers, here. '