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  • The Cameraman

    The Cameraman

    This movie broke my heart over and over again until it rebuilt it in the best and most satisfying way. Loved it so much.

  • Taza, Son of Cochise

    Taza, Son of Cochise

    Feels like something of a sequel to BROKEN ARROW (1950), and even features the same actor playing Cochise.

    Rock Hudson in ridiculous and offensive make-up plays the title role, but even so I hoped a '50s Westerns with a Native American character as the protagonist would be a little more progressive. It mostly dissapoints. Watching Taza buddy up to the calvery men and even wear a calvery uniform to bring law and order to his tribe is very cringe-inducing to…

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  • Blood on the Moon

    Blood on the Moon

    My favorite thing about this one is how romantic I thought it was, in addition to being a hardboiled western. And it’s great to see Robert Preston in a villain role!

  • The Man from the Alamo

    The Man from the Alamo

    Every bit as great (if not better) as most of Boetticher’s Randolph Scott westerns. The stunt work in this is unreal!

    Glenn Ford is so good at burying so much below the surface. He can be quiet and expressionless and still tell you how much anger or sadness is brewing within. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite movie stars.

    This is a fantasic movie.