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  • Holy Hell

    Holy Hell

    It took almost an hour to reveal the bad things that was going on in the cult, I guess I get that they wanted to show you why people were sucked in to it in the first place but sometimes it's better to just get to the point.

    Overall an okay documentary out of one but surely many cults out there.

    It's a bit ironic that Jared Leto was accused of running a cult on an island called the Echelon with 30 Seconds Of Mars fans as he serves as an excecutive producer of this documentary. Probably just meant he helped with funding it. But still.

  • Hollow in the Land

    Hollow in the Land

    Dull slow-moving crime drama mystery.

    Diana Agron of 'GLEE' fame is not much of an actress, her biggest commitment to the role seemed to be avoiding the use of make up to make her fit more into the bleak setting.

    The film is visually unappealing as well with grey washed out colors, again to make the film feel bleaker but when you don't have the cast to get you invested some visual flare certainly would not have hurt.

    It's just not a very engaging or entertaining film in any way.

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  • Above Suspicion

    Above Suspicion

    Positive: Emilia Clarke is good as a white trash woman from Kentucky, not giving (at least to me) any indication that she's in fact British and from a posh background.

    The rest of the cast isn't too bad either and the cinematography of Kentucky is also quite nice.

    Negative: Extremely hard to sympathize with the Clarke's lead as she is one of the most selfish people I've seen in recent mind, everything she does is for personal gain and completely…

  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson

    Definitely a case of don't judge the book by it's cover here cause while the poster makes it look like the most generic half-assed horror film this is quite good. Usually it's the other way around.

    A darkly comedic spin on exorcism movies but in reverse, can't say I've seen many film that the approach this one did to the story but applaud the creators even more for doing that.

    Definitely recommended. One of the better horrors of 2020.