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  • A Dangerous Method

    A Dangerous Method


    In an era in which it seems impossible to release a period piece that’s under two hours, Cronenberg released this brilliant, lean, dense and efficient film. A DANGEROUS METHOD is ripe for the psychological picking as its main dramatic thrust is the birth of the modern psychiatric field. But Cronenberg is equally interested in Ozuian inter-generational conflict and dismantling the de facto patriarchal credence of the fathers of psychiatry. Sabina’s own theories often achieve a dialectical balance between the opposing…

  • Terror in a Texas Town

    Terror in a Texas Town


    Lewis was really killing it with these Westerns. TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN is a fantastic McCarthyist parable punctuated with borderline expressionistic editing and imagery and fantastic staging. Hayden’s stoic Swedish character is a riveting presence; a consolidated trajectory of the dogged pursuit of justice in a profoundly unjust West. It’s no coincidence that the two main victims of the hired hand of the ruthless landgrabbing bourgeois McNeil are “foreigners” — Swedish and Mexican. The fact that the Mexican man…

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  • Sully



    "It's been a while since New York had news this good... especially with an airplane in it."

    Jon Ronson wrote a book titled, "So You've Been Publicly Shamed." It sought to expose a vicious proclivity in the hive mind of indignant masses. While Sully is hardly shamed in the eyes of the public, the same can't be said of the NTSB or the media; inclined as it is to service tension and forge doubt even in those having directly participated…

  • Canyon Passage

    Canyon Passage


    Easily one of the best Westerns I've ever seen, CANYON PASSAGE is elegant, intricate, nuanced and just phenomenally crafted. The writing is as vibrant as the Pacific Northwest colors that embolden the environs. At once masterfully low key and simmering with wanderlust and unrealized romance, CANYON PASSAGE derives much of its drama from questions of an existential nature. What does "home" mean in the era of burgeoning metropolises? Competing theories play out side by side as homesteaders find their "home"…