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  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    I had recently been recommended this by a friend who said, "John Waters' movies are pure lunacy. You either get it or you don't." I guess I get it but I'm not certainly sure I love it.

    John Waters is the kind of character that I've always aspired to be: he's a filmmaker with intensely ambitious ideas but above all that, he's a middle finger to normality. I can imagine that if a director like Waters sprawled out into the…

  • Life, and Nothing More...

    Life, and Nothing More...


    You trip on your shoelace in the middle of a heavily populated street; life goes on. You drop your phone into a puddle and it breaks; life goes on. An earthquake crushes your home, your belongings, and several of your loved ones; life goes on.

    This is the mantra that the residents of Koker, Iran live by. After an earthquake rampages through the village, destroying properties and taking lives, the community simultaneously responds with a forward-looking approach to life. An…

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  • La Jetée

    La Jetée


    In twenty years, what memories and thoughts will have stayed with you? I can focus on memories from my past years - some only as vague ideas and other as crystal clear happenings - with hindsight and retrospect. I can see them as moments that structured my being and moments that immortalized specific characteristics within me. These images and recollections are what continue to motivate me towards the choices I make. These images grant me direction. Whether I am geared…

  • Naked



    Brash and cruel - two words entirely fitting for Mike Leigh's film Naked and his vision of the world. In a manner that entirely encapsulates his feelings towards everything as a whole, Leigh introduces viewers to his ideas with a blackened surprise. As Dick Pope hurriedly rushes his camera over to the crime scene, our suppressed realizations become more and more actualized as we try and repress them. Our protagonist (and I use that term lightly) is viciously raping a…