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  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now

    *homsar voice* I'm just a friendly reminder

  • Room Full of Spoons

    Room Full of Spoons

    There's a part in this where the cast members, as part of a tortuously long series of talking heads, discuss how The Room is shot just well enough to hook people into its slow-motion-car-wreck experience. It's staggeringly ironic for such a pertinent observation to be dropped into this: a documentary where interviewees are shot with the varying incompetencies that would terminate any other project - Skype watermarks, botched audio, a fat key light reflected in a man's glasses for half…

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  • Pan


    Garrett Hedlund fights a man on a trampoline and Hugh Jackman goes Viva Laughlin on Nirvana. DO NOT MISS

  • Locke


    now you listen here, ghost dad. concrete is a big fuckin' deal