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  • The Long Day Closes

    The Long Day Closes


    Every frame of this poignant film evoked a serene sense of nostalgia and solitude in me. I am in love with it!

  • Her



    “Of all the arts, movies are the most powerful aid to empathy, and good ones make us into better people.”

    Have you ever, while watching a film in a theater filled with an audience of complete strangers to you, moved your eyes off the screen and looked around? Noticed how everyone is just as deeply affected as you are by something that’s going on with these characters whom also you didn't know a few minutes before? In that moment, the…

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  • Roma



    Rewatched this because I’m probably a masochist, and love to get emotionally wrecked. I just wanted to give Cleo a big hug, and assure her that everything is going to be fine.

  • Suspiria



    Death to any other horror.

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  • Gravity



    20 years ago, my father took me to see "Jurassic Park" when I was a child. It was an astonishingly immersing experience! Today, I took him to see "Gravity", and I think he had the same kind of experience.

    Two pivotal moments of technical triumph in Cinema.

    Two insignificantly significant moments in my life.

  • Mud



    'Mud' is a coming-of-age story told with subtle, heart-warming grace. We're introduced to a mysterious man calling himself 'Mud' in perspective to two teens, Ellis and Neckbone. Ellis is an innocent teen who has his own optimistic ideas about 'love' until he finds it fading between his parents. It's the reason why he wants to help Mud to get back together with his. In a way, Mud is a reflection of Ellis. They both feel dedicated to the person they…