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  • Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite

    Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite


    Mandatory Film School s2w6

    I cannot begin to explain how crazy this movie was. The easiest thing to mention is that the film is filmed in Bulgeria but it takes place in the US. However, they don't even attempt to hide this fact.

    The movie is essentially a prison fight movie and it takes place in an actual Bulgarian Prison which also looks like a weird kinky hotel. Everybody in the prison dresses like they are in a holocaust concentration…

  • Bloodsport III

    Bloodsport III


    Mandatory Film School s2w6

    I watched this back to back with part 2. It essentially has the same framing device as the first movie. The first movie was told as a story by the main characters teacher to a bunch of kids while the second movie is the main character telling a story to his son. It's not as good as part 2 but this one still has some interesting stuff going on with the casting. Not only is Chad Stahelski given more to do this time, the great action chroegrapher JJ Perry has a co-starring role as well.

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  • The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles


    This was one of the best Christmas movies to come out in the last few years and it's all because of how great Kurt Russell is.

  • Skeleton Man

    Skeleton Man


    This was like Masters of the Universe if Skeletor was a mute intent on murdering everybody for no reason. Loved it.