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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    Pretty decent time at the movies, this THOR story told through a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY space-goofery filter. It's not TAIKA WAITITI'S THOR as I was led to believe, it's more like MARVEL'S THOR WITH SPECIAL GUEST DIRECTOR TAIKA WAITITI.

    I'm just saying, for a movie with a 130-minute running time, there should've been a lot more Jeff Goldblum in it.

    Like, a *lot*.

    Hemsworth really appears to be enjoying himself here, as does Mark Ruffalo, and Benedict Fassbender or…

  • Jaws 3-D

    Jaws 3-D


    If you watch this in 3D with at least one other person, you might find this an entertaining way to pass 98 minutes.

    If you watch this in 2D by yourself, I can't help you, because I wouldn't know about that shit.

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  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises


    In the past few years, people have been coming down on my man The Crones by accusing him of "selling out", simply because there's no chest vaginas or people getting off on horrific shit in a sex-type way. These motherfuckers are just too scared when a motherfucker zigs rather than zags, which is what my boy has been doing with his most recent joints. They don't notice that he's still making serious adult films for fuckin' serious adults. Also, I…

  • Spider



    So you've seen A Beautiful Mind and came out of it feeling good -- well, here comes David Cronenberg to pimp slap you dead in the fuckin' face and say "Uh-uh, bitch. Doesn't work that way."

    Goddamn. This movie is languid like a muthafucka, and yet I'm feeling all tensed up like I was watching Speed or something. Probably because you're watching Ralph Fiennes give quite possibly his best performance EVAAAAR as one of these schizo dudes, muttering to himself…