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  • F for Fake
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Persona
  • Phantom Thread

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  • With Love and Hisses

  • Why Girls Love Sailors

  • Love 'Em and Weep

  • Slipping Wives

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  • Incident at Loch Ness

    Incident at Loch Ness


    Good, but I'd prefer Rainer Wolz's version

  • Venom



    Proof comic book movies need to be horny again

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  • F for Fake

    F for Fake


    I've said it before, but this is probably the film I'd pick as my all-time favorite movie. Whether it's the fact much of the film is just Welles talking or the breathtaking editing. The fact this didn't make a splash is infuriating because so many documentaries are modeled after the same essay style (especially Michael Moore). The real highlight of the film is a gorgeous piece on authorship, with Welles speaking over dreamlike shots of Chartes cathedral. "Maybe a man's…

  • UHF



    Like many cult films, it's rough around the edges, yet endearing and ultimately hilarious.