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  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  • Baby Driver
  • Parasite
  • Capernaum

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  • The Peanuts Movie


  • In This Corner of the World


  • Aftermath


  • Captain Fantastic


Recent reviews

  • The Peanuts Movie

    The Peanuts Movie


    Catches the vibes from the original series fairly good most of the time.
    From time to time small modern design & humor decisions made it into it but speaking for me this is in a ok frequency I can live with.
    Also I thought the new Animationstyle would disturb me a lot more.
    The original is by far nicer und less generic but again, I can live with it very well.

  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World


    This Anime shows you the absolute horrors of war, beautiful joys of life and the artstyle casts pure love in the culture of studio ghibli.

    Definitively nothing easy to watch but also definitively worth watching. Feel free to cry & gather back the things that still can be beautiful in life.
    Perhaps some people argue about some incorrect depictions or at least some, that don't mirror the western historical sight but whoever claims these thinks seems to have not understand what…

Popular reviews

  • Catweazle


    I don't know how you feel but this movie makes me sad. Spoiler: I haven't seen it and don't want to. Ever.
    Why? Because i know the original Catweazle Series which was great. And this new film is just another example of greed for money. And for me It illustrates how dumb people seem to be. I would recommend this humor to any adult, youth or children. It's like a sensory overload of dull jokes.
    Sorry but I hate this idea of remaking such a great series in this way.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Disturbing yet beautiful.

    This film made me aware of a type of (pschyo-)horror I didn't knew existed.
    When it comes to the craft & acting, the film is absolutely well done from the very beginning to the last second. Great acting, beautiful compositions & scenes that could be hang on a wall as painting or something. Also the Sounddesign perfectly merges with the rest and supports the audio-visual experience in excellence.
    After finishing the film, for first I had to tidy up…