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A cozy specialty cinema located in downtown Brunswick since 1979! Eveningstar Video -- curated DVD and Blu-Ray rentals -- in the cinema's lobby.


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In a world where UHF exists there is no comparison. Radcliffe was great but film felt cheap...like it was made by Roku or something.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead


Saw 3D conversion at Regal Brunswick (no one else in the theater) -- movie is still a masterpiece. 3D conversion is suspect. LOL'd add glass breaking and seltzer 3D spray effects.

My head hurts...cocaine was an uncredited executive producer on this one.

A lovely movie — innovative stop motion, a big heart and touch of sadness.  

“I almost cried twice” - my 8 year old

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Asteroid City

Asteroid City


sure it’s so warm & so visually appealing but man I need explications. I think it’s noteworthy that it features a roadrunner that literally says “beep beep.”

Facing off with the live action Batman films, I think this one wins the Best Story award. Artful, action-packed, superbly written, and carried by top-notch voice acting. R.I.P. Kevin Conroy.

Aaaah well, should've known what I was getting into I guess. Cool effects, but left me feeling pretty gross--maybe I'm not a Cronenberg guy.

A good whodunnit. A meta commentary on the genre while also showing appreciation for it. Sam Rockwell can do no wrong. If you aren't a fan of the "superior cop resenting help from a low ranking cop" cliché, it's very much that kind of story and doesn’t do a lot to twist it but there's a likable wit that keeps it riveting. Top it off with beautiful 1950s production design, then you got yourself a funny and dazzling murder mystery.