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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    There's a moment early on when a character looks directly in the camera, welcoming guests to the House of Woodcock, but it's also in that moment that Paul Thomas Anderson welcomes us, lets us know that we are in his hands, and if we just trust those hands will guide us where we need to be then everything will be okay. Ultimately, that's where the film ends up, in the moment it was easy to recognize the craft, the intense…

  • The Post

    The Post


    Toothless, bland, dull, heavy handed without actually having much to say. Just Spielberg being Spielberg.

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  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul


    Still wrestling with parts of this, but my biggest hurdle is distinguishing how much I admire it and how much I actually like what the film is doing or the ideas at which it probes. The first portion I can answer pretty confidently, the visual style serving to accentuate the experience and give the viewer a closeness to Saul and his thought process, while also kind of carrying us through the film, the second portion I'm less sure about. The…

  • Deadpool



    The cinematic equivalent of spending an afternoon with a loud fourteen year old bronie inside of a Hot Topic.