In Paris doing street photography and sometimes I escape the rain into the cinemas.

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  • Freaky



    I'm a huge fan of gimmicky genre movies and was really looking forward to this but it kind of fell flat, feels like it didn't go far or deep enough with the premise.

  • Greenland



    Felt therapeutic while preparing for the effects of climate change, but the ending felt little too rosy how they presented it, considering what was actually happening.

    Still, a nice escape all things considered.

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  • Family for Rent

    Family for Rent


    I was ready to genuinly like this one. I was personally curious as how they would do the story, if this was going to be a "fifty shades of family-envy" or something. Also I love Virginie Efira so I'll watch anything she's in.

    Where this movie failed was that there really wasn't any chemistry and nothing convincing about the unfolding of the story.

  • De Gaulle

    De Gaulle


    Felt like a kind of boring TV movie that you still were into.