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  • Family For Rent

    Family For Rent


    I was ready to genuinly like this one. I was personally curious as how they would do the story, if this was going to be a "fifty shades of family-envy" or something. Also I love Virginie Efira so I'll watch anything she's in.

    Where this movie failed was that there really wasn't any chemistry and nothing convincing about the unfolding of the story.

  • The Red Pill

    The Red Pill


    While I myself am so much a statistic, a man fallen out of society, depressed and suicidal so I do think these issues are important and I thought the documentary was a noble pursuit but it relied so much on the narrative that it is the opposite of feminism. These two movements need to find a way to coexist because it has to be natural to be both a feminist and a mens rights activist.