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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    This is the film that DC Extended Universe needed. They needed a win. "Man of Steel" was average at best. "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" was a letdown. "Suicide Squad" was an Oscar winning nightmare. So to think that a solo Wonder Woman film--an origins story as well--could be the jolt the DCEU gets, is marvelous. Gal Gadot was pretty good in her considerable on-screen role. Yes, I know she was in Dawn of Justice, but it was a…

  • Fifty Shades Darker

    Fifty Shades Darker


    **This review and post has naughty language, inappropriate "jokes" and thoughts about a naughty "film." Don't ever view this film..and possibly this review.**


    "Fifty Shades Darker" doesn't count as a real film. So I'm not going to give it a real review. I gave "Fifty Shades of Grey" a review. But, nope, not this time. The first film was bland, boring and worst of all not nearly bad enough to properly make fun of. I honestly can't remember any…

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  • Whiplash



    A lot of people don't know this, but as a teenager I took up drum lessons for quite a few months. I was drumming along with everything and my mom thought it would be good for me to try and take up an instrument. I got the basics down, but between school and baseball (I believe), I didn't have the time and I'll admit, the drive, to continue further than that. I've always loved drums regardless, so when I heard…

  • Nightcrawler



    Going to theaters to see a film everyone is raving about is something special. Something that's kind of hard to describe. For all the people who chose to still see 'Oujia' this past weekend, and even the ones I saw at the theater tonight going to see it, they missed out on that special feeling. Not to mention 'Oujia' is one of the lowest rated films to come out this past month. I felt bad for them at times when…