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  • Daughter



    Bittersweet and emotional tale of a father/daughter and how each perceived their relationship... now that they're at the end of it.

  • Memorable



    A sentimental and terrifying story of a man's decent into dementia and how the world around him seems to loose coherence as he slips away.

    Interesting animation style with a tough subject (I fear nothing as much as slowly loosing my mind, forgetting everything I've strove to learn and seeing my loved ones disappear into strangers) well done.

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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    So... I don't like Blade Runner.

    I've watched it and watched it and watched it, (different versions even. I know I've seen the theatrical and now the final cut, but not sure I could honestly tell you the difference between them, other than the narration) and while I appreciate how visually cool it is, I just find it a bit of a bore.

    I wasn't excited at all for the sequel, but after watching the trailer I have decided that…

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment



    Billy Wilder can do no wrong with this pitch-perfect script, a phenomenally funny and honest look at sexism in the 50s. It's just as humorous as it is tragic. Jack Lemmon is at his neurotic best, and Shirley McClaine breaks hearts as these two lost souls try to find each other in a sea of office politics, sex, and power.


    Academy Awards - 5: Picture, Director (Wilder), Original Screenplay, Editing, Art Direction (Black and White).…