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  • Interstellar


    I forgot how much I love the dust bowl documentary footage being reused for a dystopian future history. Kind of lends itself to a "history repeats itself" thing. The must is stunning, and I have never loved the organ as an instrument more than how it is used here. The movie overall is global, creative, and just so different from what came before it. Nolan's focus on reality, science, and simple (at least seeming) effects are just top notch and…

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso

    I think it is still my favorite Miyazaki. His fascination with aviation is front-and-center with this one. I like that it stays so light on its feet while still focusing on some real emotions and realities (e.g. warfare critique). The feminism aspect of it came through quite strongly for me this time around in a way that I did not remember. It isn't completely up to today's standards but there was a clear attempt.

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  • Parasite


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Cinema does not get better than this. I will only touch on the things I think to call out this time around, but there is so, so much more, and I'm positive one could watch this a dozen times and still see something new.

    I love movies like this that sell the audience on the protagonists and gradually unwind the many threads to show that everybody is bad in some way. I felt genuinely conflicted as to what I wanted…

  • Emma.


    Bubbly dialogue. Music front and center. Nighy as funny and endearing as ever. Got a Sofia Coppola vibe. Anya is colorful, almost as much as her costumes. Kinetic regency story. The faces and expressions are critical. As relevant as ever regarding Austen putting the question of what is expected of women. Rich scenery and characters. Any really lives in the role. Wes Anderson-like title cards denote the changing seasons. Steamy dance scene where Emma and Frank don't actually touch.…