Reality never feels too real.

"Favorites" are the ones I liked the most in the previous Month.

Favorite films

  • City Zero
  • Night on Earth
  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • Berberian Sound Studio

Recent activity

  • Level


  • Frost Bite


  • Black Widow


  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


Recent reviews

  • The Straight Story

    The Straight Story


    "I wanna make peace
    I wanna sit with him... look up at the starts like we used to do so long ago"

  • DeVour



    this movie is like when me and my friend used to get drunk and he would start playing something in the guitar and I would just make up some whatever-the-fuck-random-lyrics that came to mind over the melody . . .

    . . . Well at least that was fun.

Popular reviews

  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    Everyone is guilty of something.
    And how does one find hope when everything seems lost and empty and meaningless?
    How does one deal with the world all alone?
    Is there anywhere one can go that things would be different?
    How does one deal with his own mirror images reflected in other people?  

    We are very lonely beings, isolated within ourselves. After all, does anyone really understand anyone at all?

  • Hereditary



    I wished that the last lines weren’t there, but great movie either way. Amazing atmosphere and acting.