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  • Inglourious Basterds
  • The Thing
  • I Saw the Devil
  • Before Sunset

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  • Squid Game

  • Quarantine 2: Terminal

  • Eden Lake

  • Nacho Libre


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  • Driftwood Or The Seashell

    Driftwood Or The Seashell

    My new film is out now on YouTube!

    This short means a lot to me. Made this on vacation in roughly a day and got engaged simultaneously. It was a absolutely beautiful and lovely and meditative experience. I hope you enjoy. ❀🐚


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  • Squid Game

    Squid Game

    Many thoughts!

    All I'll currently say is that, even as a contrarian, one must admire the uniqueness of this series, despite all else. I mostly look forward to how this will age over timeβ€” not so sure yet if it's a year-definer or a flavor of the month type deal. I suspect and am hopeful for the former to be true!


  • Quarantine 2: Terminal

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  • Joker


    People aren't born monsters, the world makes them that way. Believe what you want, but in the end, that's what I took away from this one.

    Some of the best digital cinematography I've ever seen. It's possibly the best looking movie of the year too and I wish more people were talking about that. I do understand though why Joaquin Phoenix is what everyone is discussing, because he was extraordinary, and that was no surprise.

    Is it getting crazier out there?

    The Majestic Theatre

  • The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat

    *cuts tail off*

    I wholeheartedly and unsarcastically love watching this movie. It's so damn funny that it hurts. The piΓ±ata scene always has me roaring, because it's ridiculous and stupid, and that's my sense of humor in a nutshell. I laugh at the goofiest shit... I don't even care.

    I read that Mike Myers was contractually obligated to make this film, and even tried getting out of making it, which lead to a legal battle of…