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  • King Dong

    King Dong


    Back in 2013, I was a sophomore in college. I'd made friends with some folks living down the hall from me in what was then Aspen Dorm at Northern Arizona University. I'd had connections like this my freshman year, but these visits felt particularly special, since the people I'd made friends with were far more on my wavelength and didn't have other friends from rich families who'd whinge about how they only had three thousand dollars left in their bank…

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  • The Living Dead Girl

    The Living Dead Girl


    Cult Movie Challenge 2020! Week 23 - a film directed by Jean Rollin! (Jackie's pick!)

    Jean Rollin has cemented himself as one of my favorite horror directors on the strength of his uniquely broad methods for portraying undeath as this melancholic, terrible thing. He's played such a half-life for the horror of being surrounded by death with no rhyme or reason in The Grapes of Death with his plain zombies caught between a listlessness so strong you might confuse them…

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch


    When we last watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch for opener of our first Queer Cinema Challenge two and a half years ago, I blanched a little at the film's ending. Stripping Hedwig of her Queen Bitch Fuck Everyone attitude and the huge wigs and outrageous outfits to reveal her self-described slip of a girly-boy left me wondering whether the film regarded the persona it so lovingly depicted with as much validity as its tendency to run buckwild with Hedwig's…

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  • City Lights

    City Lights


    Film School Drop-Outs 2018! Week 2 Retro - The Silent Comedy!

    Having reflected for the better part of 24 hours before writing this review, I think the funniest thing about Charlie Chapin's Tramp are the moments when you aren't sure whether he's cottoned on or not. Take the spaghetti eating scene for instance, where his expression wavers between disbelief and satisfaction, culminating in a head turn and slow standing up with brows knit... only for it to turn out he's…

  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    For this week's entry in Gargus and Adept's Queer Cinema Challenge 2019, let's talk about sex! After all, Park Chan-wook's example of queer Asian film hangs a large portion of its character development on extended, direct depictions of intercourse, so why not talk about sex just as frankly?

    Besides, of the numerous assets The Handmaiden has at play at any given time - Park's command of a wide variety of shooting styles, lighting as a subtle indicator of mood and…