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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    In Rogue Nation the scene where Alec Baldwin gives a speech about Ethan Hunt is a joke. It pretends that its fantasy world really matters and then snaps back. It's amusing, inadvertently or not, and it works partly because of how Ethan Hunt is portrayed as an action hero; but it also works because the movie has other moving parts. The joke has an object.

    This movie is all punchline. There's a joke some comedian (I can't remember who, sorry)…

  • Liz and the Blue Bird

    Liz and the Blue Bird


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie spends a lot of its time depicting Mizore's intentions. We stay close to her, especially to her eyes when she observes something or to elements of her body language that are scarcely perceptible to the other characters. She fidgets with her feet or with her hands behind her back when answering questions; when we see Nozomi's body language in close-up it's often because Mizore is examining it. But her intentions don't shape this movie. We see what matters…

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  • Paterson


    TIFF programmer: "Can you talk about some of the philosophy behind this movie?"

    Jim Jarmusch: "No."

  • FLCL



    One part that still eluded me after watching it 13 times is when Naota calls out his brother's name before swinging his guitar at the baseball bomb at the end of episode 4.

    It's not clear whether he's calling for help, or thinking of him for inspiration, and either of those might be part of it. But I think there's something more important going on there. Naota's baseball performance anxiety in that episode might suggest the only matter at hand…