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  • The Rock

    The Rock


    You get the sense that many or most of the people in this movie's world are unpleasant or incompetent or both, leaving it up to A Few Good Men to keep everything together. The big triumphant climax is almost masochistic, when Nicholas Cage saves everyone and then injects himself in the heart with a bigass needle. I have no idea what to take away from that, other than that maybe the reason Michael Bay became famous for blowing up the…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    I wanted to like Civil War and I hated it; I tried to like this and I didn't care. I'm tempted to say this actually should have been directed by Christopher Nolan; while I don't like the superhero movies he made, he is pretty good at cutting a bunch of different proceeding events together such that they feel like they're complementing each other, usually in a way that builds tension.

    If there was more force in the action - not…

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  • Paterson


    TIFF programmer: "Can you talk about some of the philosophy behind this movie?"

    Jim Jarmusch: "No."

  • FLCL



    One part that still eluded me after watching it 13 times is when Naota calls out his brother's name before swinging his guitar at the baseball bomb at the end of episode 4.

    It's not clear whether he's calling for help, or thinking of him for inspiration, and either of those might be part of it. But I think there's something more important going on there. Naota's baseball performance anxiety in that episode might suggest the only matter at hand…