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  • F*&% the Prom

    F*&% the Prom


    If The Kissing Booth is a film that's ridiculously awful but still so entertaining in spite of itself, this is the reverse. This is the nadir. This is the movie that's physically painful to watch. If you thought A Serbian Film was a lot, you haven't seen this.

    This is directed by the Fine Brothers, the assholes who got famous creating those Youtube videos about people reacting to other people's content, and got into that huge public flameout for trying…

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  • Blow the Man Down

    Blow the Man Down


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Why didn't this one get me as much as it did for others? That is hardly to say I didn't like it, because there's a lot to like. Very few films are able to invoke the 1970s-1980s indie grain like this one has, this feels genuinely like a thing out of time and place at times.

    I think what does it for me is that any potential opportunity to be genuinely daring tends to be excised for the safest option.…

  • The Homestretch

    The Homestretch


    All this is showing me is that at some point way back when I was a teenager, I kept looking for lists of the best documentaries, and every documentary fan in 2013 apparently just liked stories about white women exploiting Black teenagers for money.

    The Blind Side poisoned so many brains.

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  • Joker



    This is a direct prequel to Batman Vs Superman. Or not. The way that this is both a direct prequel and also not sums up the way this one tries to have its cake and eat it too at every opportunity. On the one hand, it segues directly into the opening of Zack Snyder's libertarian opus. Then it abruptly decides to steal the ending of the infinitely worse Mr. Nobody and posit that Arthur Fleck has made the entire thing…

  • Audrie & Daisy

    Audrie & Daisy


    Two things worth noting:

    1. Hearing rapists talk about their crimes as casually as you'd talk about your weekend is genuinely chilling.

    2. Why the hell are the rapists' identities hidden and the victims are not? Was there some legal thing involved with that? Is it just one more way to show how pervasive rape culture is in this country? Did they have a choice?

    Regardless, it's a look at American rape culture, especially as it pertains to high school…