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  • Bleed


    Debbie Rochon is always such a stunning presence, but as a slasher, this really drags -- love the mask, though.

  • Relaxer



    Mandatory dose of Potrykus-born Y2K Beckettian gallows humor. Achingly soulful and hilarious -- a truly bizarre and beautiful experience.

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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    This gets better each time I watch it.

  • Mandy



    Caught this poetic eruption last night at the theater. I think my guts are still trembling from the rush of drone-metal psychedelia infused with (soaked in) the lush hypnotism of 1983. Director Panos Cosmatos brazenly wields his vision of love lost and stabs your eyes with a mammoth chainsaw in the hand of a blood-soaked man on the warpath of vengeance. I could go back into this world.... Spirit Mountain... what lies to the North. The CB transmissions. An old…