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  • Tampopo
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  • Sideways



    I loved the characters and story here, feel like they must owe quite a bit to the book, which I haven't read.

    The four principal actors are all outstanding. I like how Stephanie is just kind of quietly a "bad" mom, you probably shouldn't be engaging in all sorts hanging with randos while taking care of your young daughter, at least from my parenting perspective.

    Miles and Jack are both extremely flawed men but I sort of like how they…

  • No Hard Feelings

    No Hard Feelings


    Good old classic decent raunchy comedy.

    I liked some of the little weird dry throwaway jokes. Like Jennifer Lawrence's character is randomly freaked out by the finger trap.

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  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!


    There's nothing else like this. It's bawdy and saccharine and melodramatic and it made me feel like an angsty tenth grader. I was inspired by this beautiful mess of a motion picture.

  • Barbie



    The set design and costuming alone makes this movie worth watching.

    The feminist and anti-patriarchy message is one I agree with and made me laugh, although I enjoyed it much more at the beginning when it was implied, not directly stated towards the audience. However, given the platform this movie has, I cannot hold screaming about women's inequality against it.

    What I loved the most was the movie's randomness and goofiness. There are so many strange little choices with the…