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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    "I was just thinking about Dad's games. This feels like one."

    Thrilled to report this film plays like gangbusters the second time around. I tell you, this Rian Johnson fellow knows how to write a movie.

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    "I understood that you wanted to see it all."

    Had a choice between the theatrical and director's cuts and went with the latter because why not? If I'm going to commit to spending two and a half hours in Lars von Trierville, I might as well go all in. And I am all in for this. I'm in for the jet-black comedy, especially in the sequence where the Jack's OCD forces him to go back into one victim's house repeatedly…

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  • Gaslight


    What's that? You say there's a movie called Gaslight? Sorry, dear. Never heard of it. You must have imagined the whole thing.

  • Saving Christmas

    Saving Christmas

    This "film" has a running time of about 79 minutes. Here's how that breaks down:

    5.5% - Kirk Cameron's smug, hot chocolate-obsessed introduction
    3% - A seemingly unmotivated cutaway to what looks like a much more interesting movie but is, in fact, not (Bonus: We get to see this footage again in its entirety when it's placed in the proper context)
    2.5% - Cheaply animated opening credits set to a ska cover of "Silent Night"
    7.5% - Kirk's "brother-in-law" --…