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  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Brazil
  • Schizopolis
  • Psycho Goreman

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  • Hamlet

  • Something to Remember

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  • Bloodthirsty



    "When making a werewolf movie on a limited budget (which describes nearly all werewolf movies released these days), the power of suggestion can be a useful tool for a director to have in their kit. Add some growling to a tracking shot and the audience will fill in the rest. Whichever marginally defined character is being followed at that moment is likely being stalked by some unseen creature and the actor playing them probably won’t be showing up on the…

  • Pickup on South Street

    Pickup on South Street


    "One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Samuel Fuller’s hard-boiled oeuvre comes partway through his 1953 noir Pickup on South Street (streaming this month as part of the Criterion Channel’s “Fox Noir” series). Necktie-and-information peddler Moe Williams comes home to her cramped apartment after a long day and a hard life, trudges over to her bed, puts on a 78, and lies back to add up the numbers and see how close she is to affording her long-sought-after funeral plot.…

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  • Something to Remember

    Something to Remember

    When the waves flood this town
    There's nothing more we can do

    Well, that's a cheerful start to the day.

  • Flee



    "It's my past, I can't run away from it, and I don't want to."

    A striking hybrid documentary that uses a variety of animation styles to let its subject, gay Afghan refugee Amin, set the record straight about how he came to Denmark as a minor. Compelling as his story is, though -- especially once Amin gets beyond the "official" version -- the framing device imposed upon it by director Jonas Poher Rasmussen winds up feeling like an unnecessary distraction.

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  • Gaslight


    What's that? You say there's a movie called Gaslight? Sorry, dear. Never heard of it. You must have imagined the whole thing.

  • Saving Christmas

    Saving Christmas

    This "film" has a running time of about 79 minutes. Here's how that breaks down:

    5.5% - Kirk Cameron's smug, hot chocolate-obsessed introduction
    3% - A seemingly unmotivated cutaway to what looks like a much more interesting movie but is, in fact, not (Bonus: We get to see this footage again in its entirety when it's placed in the proper context)
    2.5% - Cheaply animated opening credits set to a ska cover of "Silent Night"
    7.5% - Kirk's "brother-in-law" --…