Favorite films

  • Sansho the Bailiff
  • Beau Travail
  • Love Streams
  • Carnival of Souls

Recent activity

  • World of Glory

  • Samsara

  • The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

  • Innocents Abroad

Recent reviews

  • With Love to the Person Next to Me

    With Love to the Person Next to Me

    Beautifully bleak, ambling character study that gets a lot of mileage juxtaposing a taciturn Schrader-ish loner with various garrulous acquaintances, as well as luxuriating in its ethnographic/documentary rendering of Melbourne’s bayside (as befitting McKenzie’s doc roots). Dips into George V Higgins small-crime territory but dips out so as not to spoil the languor; has a running Egoyan-esque parasocial-surveillance strand that threatens to turn into plot but wisely never does. More proof that the best Aussie cinema has been cruelly hidden from us for years (thankfully changing with this one’s new resto).

  • Cold Weather

    Cold Weather

    Rewatched on a whim, and... holds up! Especially for a movie whose contemporaneous selling point was that it was a mumblecore movie that looked nice and had a few suspense set pieces. Captures what it felt like to be alive in 2010 more than my Facebook memories, which mostly consisted of screencaps of movies like Cold Weather (2010).

Popular reviews

  • Married to the Mob

    Married to the Mob


    More movies should have a 10-minute end credit sequence that recaps the movie using B-roll footage accompanied to a medley of songs the director likes.

  • God's Comedy

    God's Comedy


    Monteiro's João de Deus character is like Chaplin's Tramp combined with Chaplin's IRL sex life.