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  • Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare


    I had hopes and expectations for this film, but turned out to be an overlong, expensive WWII military espionage film of mediocrity. There's a high body count courtesy of Clint Eastwood and countless explosions, but not a shred of genuine tension until the third act. Richard Burton spends the duration of the film being Richard Burton. The plot is endlessly convoluted but simultaneously uninteresting. Everything seemed to have potential and the execution wasn't terrible...but this was truly missing the spark of a good film.

  • The Saint

    The Saint


    Well, we knew this was going to be bad. But I was not prepared or aware it was possible to craft anything this horrifically meritless.

    Someone made this TV film/pilot. They coerced Sir Roger Moore into appearing. (I am assuming that some small child had been kidnapped and that is the only reason why he agreed to be involved.)

    The lead is very not British. He notably has less charm, charisma, or acting ability than a worn out flip flop.…

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  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


    Newman & Redford are the original bromance.

    This film is completely deserving of its iconic status, and I'm awfully disappointed in myself because I didn't watch it sooner. I can't even describe the perfection that happens here. I take back every neutral thing I have ever said about Paul Newman. I'm sorry that I ever complained about dusty westerns.

    We all know the end of this story, but knowing didn't really prepare me for the inevitable. I'll just be over here with my feelings.

  • Rawhide



    Susan Hayward & Tyrone Power form an unlikely partnership when they find themselves imprisoned by a quartet of outlaws at a stagecoach relay station.

    Susan's character is a gloriously strong and independent woman, while Tyrone brilliantly plays an ordinary man with quiet, unassuming strength. It's a nuanced performance and possibly my favorite from Mr. Power.

    There's about a dozen shots from Rawhide that are burned into my memory, due to some stunning lighting and framing. It's so excellent, I'd almost call this film Western Noir.