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  • Menace II Society
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Super Dark Times
  • Cam

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  • Everything Must Go


  • No One Will Save You


  • 8 Found Dead


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  • Dark Windows

    Dark Windows


    A substandard, mid home invasion mystery/thriller. The final 15 or 20 minutes are fine, nothing extraordinary. But the hour and 20 minute runtime just feels like a slog.

  • Pollen



    Solid, harrowing, psychological horror/thriller about a young female college grad in a new workplace who is the target of sexual harrassment and workplace bullying. It's quite slow, moves at a glacial page in some areas and feels underdeveloped in some ways, but is quite cutthroat and does a fine job showing how rude and horrible some coworkers (or colleagues) can be. Fine cinematrography and a fitting soundtrack as well.

Popular reviews

  • Margaux



    Smart House/Alexa-type "slasher" about a killer, yet gorgeous, always-listening, smart home A.I. system terrorizing a group of students on a getaway vacation. CGI for the backgrounds and smart home effects came straight out of a movie from 2000. Characters weren't particularly interesting. Some of the dialogue came off cringy. The trap-like kills were entertaining and somewhat tailored to each victim, but got less spectacular as the kills went on (kill count is quite low as well). Strong opening, interesting concept, good gore, slightly fun kills, mostly mid everything else.

  • I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine

    I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine


    I actually enjoyed this one more than I thought I would, and would even rate it slightly higher than the its predecessors (the 2010 remake and its sequel as I have not yet seen the original). Vengeance is Mine is interesting because it doesn't have an infamous rape scene like the previous entries. Quick flashbacks from the 2010 remake are present that show Jennifer's assault to show her PTSD. That said, this entry is more of a drama, character study…