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  • In the Realm of the Senses

    In the Realm of the Senses


    I expected the sex, but like many reviewers I never expected that much sex. It's truly relentless; there are more sex scenes than there are scenes with fully clothed characters. It makes any other inclusion of nudity in tv and films seem like nothing whatsoever.

    Can't say I enjoyed it, but it makes sense that a movie about the downfalls of being obsessed with sex would itself obsess over sex. What at first seemed shocking turns to amusing and then…

  • NightGowns



    Pretty much the only reason I downloaded Quibi.

    Sasha Velour is my absolute favourite drag queen. I trust her vision in everything she does and her ability to execute any concept thoughtfully; here we get an insight into the extended House of Velour as each member prepares their own tailored and personal performances for their NightGowns show. You really get a sense of each artist and the preparation for what they bring to the stage. A must-see for any fan of drag.

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  • Napping Princess

    Napping Princess

    Sitting in a theatre filled with anime fans is the worst. The woman in front of me smelled so bad, the dude beside me was eating a yoghurt for 20 minutes, and people were laughing at the most unfunny cliche scenes. Like c'mon, she looked at her alarm and she was late for school and made a noise... why are you all chuckling at this?

    I've seen enough anime that nothing about Napping Princess feels original. It starts off vanilla…

  • Weekend



    When I first watched Weekend as a 19 year old gay boy who hadn't yet had a serious relationship, I found myself longing for what Russell and Glen had. It made my heart swell with envy, I memorised every moment, every scene. I watched it on repeat and it quickly became my favourite film.

    Now, roughly 5 years later, I re-visited it. I was scared that it would not resonate with me this time around. I'm a different person than…