Jennifer Sullivan

Jennifer Sullivan

Horror fan who binges all sorts of movies, and has a soft spot for documentaries.

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  • Behind the Curve

    Behind the Curve


    Had trouble sleeping last night & watched Behind the Curve. This documentary takes you deep into the Flat Earth movement.

    It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while, keeping the focus on understanding why people are attracted to this conspiracy, instead of just mocking them.

    Interviews include scientists, psychologists, & people inside the movement.

    The biggest take away is that ridicule will only ever widen the gap between different beliefs & shaming people will only make them dig in deeper. Good advice for many arenas!

    My Rating 🌍🌎🌏🌎🌐, that's 4.5 globes out of 5

  • The Block Island Sound

    The Block Island Sound


    There's a lot going on in this movie & somehow it all kind of works. An isolated island community has dead fish & birds turning up everywhere. A dysfunctional family grieves the loss of their father. There's a conspiracy theorist friend & a man blacking out & losing time on his boat.

    If you like X-Files, it's one to check out.

    My Rating 🛥🛥🛥, that's 3 fishing boats adrift in the sea out of 5

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  • Us



    Us was fantastic in parts, but in others it was just OK. Cinematography, tense atmosphere and general concept were outstanding, and it got under my skin. But the rules for the characters' actions weren't consistent, and it had one of my biggest pet peeves - when a killer has a victim under control, but instead of dispatching them gives a long speech and the victim gets away.

  • Midsommar



    I LOVED this movie! Beautifully shot, excellent cast, amazing scenery & a storyline that kept my attention from start to finish.

    This will not be a film everyone likes. But for fans of Hereditary & the original The Wicker Man, you're in for a real treat.