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  • The Third Man
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  • Interstellar


    Part of Rollin' With Nolan

    Perhaps the most misbegotten thing I've seen produced by modern Hollywood. A disaster of epic fucking proportions. Just epic. Fucking DeMille-esque.

    What was Nolan thinking? “People love my complicated high concepts, but I bet they'd love them even more if I took out all those boring action scenes and just focused on the excitement of traveling for years and years through space in a metal box. And really make the fuckers feel the passage of…

  • Green Book

    Green Book

    An addendum to Farrelly We Bro Along 2018: The Farrelly Brothers Ranked

    The latest Farrelly-helmed "bromance conquers all" epic is the least convincing and in competition for the least funny (no small feat with HALL PASS and SHALLOW HAL in the mix).

    It's remarkable how much this feels like a Farrelly Bros joint, even with the absence of Bobby: the schmaltz, the tastelessness, the gross, manchildish, unappealing main character with a secret heart of gold, the overlength -- not too…