Favorite films

  • Harakiri
  • Cairo Station
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
  • Sweet Smell of Success

Recent activity

  • The Black Shield of Falworth


  • Yotsuya Ghost Story Part 1


  • To Have and Have Not

  • Youth in Fury


Recent reviews

  • The Black Shield of Falworth

    The Black Shield of Falworth


    Tony Curtis leaping around in tights, getting into scraps in the dormitory and scaling castle walls for love - perfect matinée material.

  • The Buccaneer

    The Buccaneer


    Excellent fun and the storyline holds a lot better than many a swashbuckler. A perfect weekend matinée. Charles Boyer (57 years old at the time) is his signature suave and witty self. Yuk Brynner also on solid devastatingly dashing form except some heathen put him in a wig.

Popular reviews

  • Song of Freedom

    Song of Freedom


    If Paul Robeson's singing voice doesn't make your eyes well with tears, I'm afraid you're dead inside.

  • The Green Cockatoo

    The Green Cockatoo

    This is only plausible if you accept that the woman lead, Eileen (played by Rene Ray), is of such low intellect that she cannot hold a basic conversation or manage simple tasks.
    The star is for Millsy's pinstripe suit.