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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War

    This year I got myself a Oculus Rift (the 2016 one) and when I started watching VR p̶o̶r̶n̶ movies, I thought to myself:

    "Wait a minute, can I watch my 3D Blu-Ray in VR?"

    Turns out yes, yes I can. So this isn't a review of Captain America: Civil War, it's a review of the experience of watching the 3D version of Captain America: Civil War in VR.
    In case you're wondering why I chose this movie in particular, the…

  • Modern Educayshun

    Modern Educayshun


    It's been three years since I've last seen this sketch. And while did find it funny back then, times changed and so have I.
    After doing a little bit of research Neel Kolhatkar doesn't appear to be much of an alt-right figure, however he seems to be one of those "enlightened centrists" which is bad enough on it's own.
    Also if you look in the comments, it seems like there are lot of people taking this sketch serious and that makes me just cringe more about the fact that I liked it just three years ago.
    Big oof.

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  • Arrival



    I just love this movie
    I love Villeneuve's style
    I love the cinematography
    I love how they used the kuleshov effect
    I love the plot
    I love the score
    I love the atmosphere
    I love the look and feel of the Hetapods
    I love Amy Adams' performance
    I love the opening and closing montage
    I love "on the nature of daylight" by Max Richter
    I love use of nonlinearity as theme for the whole movie
    Maybe it's just me being me, but I can't help myself how I feel.

    I really want to be able to watch this for the first time again

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    Can you believe this movie has:
    - visuals so good, that you could pause at nearly every frame and hang it on to your wall
    - the best 3D I have seen yet
    - a thrilling story
    - well directed action
    - the robotic acting of Scarlett Johannson not interfering, because she is a robot
    - I'm being serious, the visuals (combined with the 3D) are stunning
    - also: cats

    But still lost against Boss Baby at the Box Office…