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  • Fear of a Black Hat

    Fear of a Black Hat


    Although it does not have the hype or budget of CB4, the independently-produced FEAR OF A BLACK HAT came first and serves as a funnier, more focused satire of its subject. Join sociologist Nina Blackburn as she documents rap group NWH (Niggaz with Hats) as her thesis subject on hip hop music as a form of communication. Ice Cold, Tasty Taste & DJ Tone Def feud with rival rappers, rationalize their tasteless lyrics, go through managers as Spinal Tap did with…

  • Batman



    Quite interesting to revisit the 1966-71 era BATMAN in all of its campy glory after both of the modern franchises reinvented the Caped Crusader, rendering the beloved TV show outdated and obscure. BATMAN (the movie) was originally to launch the series, but 20th Century Fox turned down the idea until opting to cash in on the first season’s incredible success. There is no dark story of personal demons and retribution; expect lighthearted ‘60s hipster humor with some swipes at international…

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  • Repulsion



    Roman Polanski’s first English-language film remains an effective look at a young woman’s descent into madness. Carol LeDoux is an attractive young lady with some deep-seated psychological issues related to men. When left to her own devices, Carol becomes isolated and sinks deeper and deeper into her paranoia until it suffocates her. Her walls begin to crumble in her imagination, leading to multiple hallucinations of a shadowy rapist breaking into her bedroom. Fantasy and reality bleeds together, in which nothing…

  • Black Belt Jones

    Black Belt Jones


    Jim Kelly’s charismatic performance in ENTER THE DRAGON ensured that he would star in a martial arts action movie of his own. BLACK BELT JONES successfully cashes in on both the ‘70s kung fu craze and the blaxploitation boom in delightful fashion. You’ve seen this story take place in countless chop-socky classics; it is essentially FIST OF FURY in an urban setting. Kelly is Jones, a martial arts expert for hire called in to help protect a black-owned karate dojo…