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  • Thugs of Hindostan

    Thugs of Hindostan


    It's about ten minutes into "Thugs of Hindostan" before someone is swinging on a rope for the first time, and let me level with you People swinging through the air on a rope to escape danger or enter a fray is a large part of what I want from a swashbuckling adventure, along with swordfights, cannons, and sneering villains. This movie has all that along with a few musical numbers and actual mustache twirling, and while it sometimes strains under…

  • Intimate Strangers

    Intimate Strangers


    INTIMATE STRANGERS is in its second week atop the South Korean box office and I readily admit that it's hard to imagine a remake doing the same here; it's the sort of relationship-oriented movie for adults that has a hard time finding a place these days. It's a pretty good one, though, and I can't fault it for using kind of a cheap trick to keep people talking afterward.

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  • Last Letter

    Last Letter


    It is entirely possible that by this time next year, we'll be looking at this Last Letter as one half of a phenomenon fairly unique in film history, as director Shunji Iwai is already shooting a remake of this Mandarin-language movie in his native Japan - it usually goes in the other order, and seldom in such rapid succession. Those strange circumstances make this film an oddity, but nevertheless still in line with Iwai's previous films, an earnest and emotional…

  • Killing Ground

    Killing Ground


    When people who don't like horror movies in general ask those who do how they can enjoy that sort of garbage, they're talking about movies like "Killing Ground". With the good stuff, you can talk about nightmare imagery, stories which allow you to confront fears directly or metaphorically, or just admiring the staging and choreography of a suspenseful scene and the catharsis that comes afterward with the good ones, but sometimes, even with good intentions, a movie is just serving…