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  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    Fun, twisty, over the top, stylish, and sleazy, which is all great. Exactly what I was looking for from a De Palma 80s erotic thriller. And the cinematography here is really impressive (almost seductive) too. But this film is just so hideously transphobic I couldn’t get anything out of it. You can blame the time period, but I simply can’t excuse or look past how harmful and gross this depiction was. That combined with the ridiculously gratuitous shots of women’s body here (not to mention just how messy the story itself is) made me really lose all respect for this movie and frankly the director too.

  • Wild



    There’s a lot of things I love about hiking and camping. The views, the trees, the wildlife, the solitude, the air, and this sense of clarity you seem to get about yourself and the world (whether real or imagined). But the part that I’m most obsessed with is the vulnerablity. The further and more off the well tread paths you get the more you become aware how alone and exposed you are. It’s you against the elements and no one…

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  • Disobedience



    When Rachel 1 asked Rachel 2 if she still only fancies women and Rachel 2 responded with a fervent nod, a devilish grin, and by taking a puff of Rachel 1's cigarette I lost it.

    Honestly this may be the best stealth comedy of the year.

  • Lizzie



    The fake SNL super bowl commercial for Totino's pizza roles starring Kristen Stewart is significantly better (and sexier) than this movie.