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  • Dead Night

    Dead Night


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I caught this On Demand and was pleasantly surprised by it. It's nothing mind blowing or new necessarily but I thought it played on the cliches well. The highlight for me was definitely the use of practical special effects makeups which were pretty impressive. Especially in an era of overused CGI. The cinematography makes for some beautiful snowy nature shots. It's really a great use of setting.

    The premise is basically Brea Grant takes her family to a cabin in…

  • The War of the Gargantuas

    The War of the Gargantuas


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    From the original director of Godzilla and Rodan as well as a sequel to his previous film Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965). This movie opens with a very Ray Harryhausen inspired giant octopus although this one isn't stop motion. It attacks a ship but is stopped by another kaiju the green Gaira who defeats the giant octopus and then destroys the ship. Gaira thought to be the Frankenstein gargantua from the previous movie attacks villages along the coastline. It's eventually…

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  • Gargoyles



    Underrated, low budget made for TV monster movie featuring early Stan Winston special effects and a type of monster that's virtually unused in the genre. The opening features a documentary like prelude that explains the gargoyles connection to ancient demons. It's well paced with some decent scares and despite the monsters being a little campy looking I think they were well designed. It looks like quite a bit of effort went into creating several unique full body gargoyle suits although you don't actually see any of them fly until the very end.

  • Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid


    I had seen bits and pieces of this growing up but this is the first time I sat through the whole thing. As a huge fan of Sam Peckinpah I'm always looking forward to viewing more of his work. Peckinpah like Sergio Leone is one of the quintessential Western directors who bring their unique perspectives to the genre. The casting in this is interesting with James Coburn and Kris Kristofferson giving excellent performances as the title characters. The soundtrack by…