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  • Ashes



    A quick narrative on Thailand’s political activists/prisoners with a lomo-esque style. Something refreshing I must say.

    PS. Found out this was indeed an experimental film shot with a lomo film tool in collaboration with Mubi. Looks promising.

  • Outer Space

    Outer Space


    This was an interesting medium and style. A visual assault. A good chaotic depiction of intrusion (be it mind or extraterrestrial). Vaguely reminded me of a specific episode of American Horror Story.

  • Silent



    It is lacking. A portrayal of woman’s resilience over a husband who fucked up? I’ve seen better. 

    PS. Her stunning face distracts me from her agonized look. Perhaps effective, but then again, one of those clichès. Women have always been beautiful amidst struggles.

  • Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts


    Probably my first Danish film that I’m aware of. Too perfect is too boring isn’t it? This piece will drag you towards a stark contrast of a beautiful life (seriously, the sheer Scandinavian elegance of that architecture, coupled with people clad in the same manner, the ease of living) marred with a twisted event. Ah the irony. Someone of power ostensibly defending the powerless but ended up doing the same vicious act that they’re against. 

    But I’m curious, how do people get past this?