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  • A Monster Calls

    A Monster Calls

    Stories are wild creatures, when you let them free who knows what havoc they might wreak.

    When Siobhan Dowd died at the age of 47 in 2007 following a fight with breast cancer, she left behind not only a legacy forged in the fantastic books she had written and the warmth she had given the world, but an idea for a story that could talk to us all about grief and about loss, that could use fantasy and fiction to…

  • Shazam!




    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! DC just went and lit a match under their expanded universe with a film Marvel couldn’t make, and one DC fans probably couldn’t believe DC and Warner Bros. could make if they’re completely honest. Shazam is an action packed, laugh filled, heartwarming, and fantastically intricately packaged comic book film that knows how the lore works, how the genre works, and where its heart lies at all times.

    When young misfit foster kid Billy…

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  • High Life

    High Life


    Shall we?

    An elegy for humanity’s primal nature and an ode to the unrelinquishing power of hope, our one chance at being saved, Claire Denis’ High Life takes viewers to the outermost boundaries of the universe with the sole intention of extricating our innermost anxieties, indulgences, tendencies, and taboos in the process. 

    Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson entrance and disturb in equal measure as the ‘shaman of sperm’ Dibs and the abstinent ‘monk’ Monte, just two of the messed up…

  • Aladdin



    Genie: I made you look like a prince on the outside, but I didn't change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, but Aladdin has to open it.

    Considering the fact that the original Aladdin is my all-time favourite Disney film, and that *surprise surprise* Robin Williams’ Genie is my favourite Disney character, the fact that Guy Ritchie’s live-action adaptation is even respectable, let alone largely enjoyable and frequently striking both on a visual and thematic…

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  • BlacKkKlansman



    ‪Master Provoc-auteur Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman is the single most powerful film against racism and Trump’s America that there has been or will be. Absolutely electrifying, funny and terrifying, entertaining and yet incredibly disconcerting... the world is fucked up, there are problems in our global society that have gone too long unresolved, and Lee may well be the answer to a lot of things... and if he is not, then he’s sure as hell got some questions to ask and knows…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right. Yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.


    Avengers Infinity War is so much more than a culmination of Marvel’s 10 year empire building, it is the pinnacle of blockbuster film and shall be looked back on as an epoch of cinema in years to come. The Russo brothers have handled the Marvel Cinematic…