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  • Titanic



    Ranked: James Cameron
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    1997 Ranked

    There is too much about Titanic to explain and capture why it is one of the most cinematic experiences to date. James Cameron is a master technician and craftsman, building a film with crescendos and power like no other. The real event is, of course, tragic and horrifying with Cameron making the stories of those who died feel so real. After a crude and irreverent explanation of the accident by a man…

  • Babylon



    2022 Ranked
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    “A child born in 50 years will stumble across your image flickering on a screen and feel he knows you, like a friend, even though you breathed your last before he breathed his first. You’ve been given a gift. Be grateful. You’ll spend eternity with angels and ghosts.”
    -Jean Smart as Elinor St. John

    Immortality via celluloid. A hellish and magical descent into the story of cinema, of the blood, sweat, and tears that grant…

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  • The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons


    The 1980s: 80/100
    1981 Ranked

    Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Jack Weston, Rita Moreno, Sandy Dennis, Len Cariou, and Bess Armstrong spend time traversing age and relationships while shacked up in idyllic winter cabins, on luxurious boats, and in quaint inn’s in a college town. Yeah, The Four Seasons is up my alley. The picture perfect settings and warmth radiating from those make The Four Seasons into an instantly enjoyable experience, while the film also has a lot to say about…

  • The Running Man

    The Running Man


    The 1980s: 79/100
    1987 Ranked

    I have not read the Stephen King novel this is based on - though I now plan to - but from what I understand, this is not a great adaptation. That is not hard to believe, considering how Schwarzenegger-fied it feels with big, brawny action, one-liners, and some cursory plot that just serves as the backdrop for a whole bunch of fighting and fun. Maybe there is something truly rich and deep here in this…

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  • Once Upon a Time in America

    Once Upon a Time in America


    Checking in at just under four hours, Once Upon a Time in America takes a long time to say absolutely nothing unique. A gangster film, the film does nothing for the gangster genre that could not be accomplished in a far shorter runtime because oh my God is this thing long. It just takes forever to end and even then, I still had no idea why it took so long. I love gangster films with The Godfather Parts I and…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    2016 Ranked
    Top 100 Films
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    Postmodernism is a film theory that suggests that there is nothing original anymore. If it could be made, it has been made and we are doomed to simply remake a once original idea in perpetuity. Postmodernism also includes ideas regarding nostalgia and hyperreality, positing that cities such as Los Angeles may physically be real, but are in fact, dream worlds that are not actually there. In Damien Chazelle's latest work and, dare…