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  • 22 Bullets

    22 Bullets


    Even with solid performances by the entire cast, the story is very generic and cliched, with moments that aim for realism that are quickly undercut with impossible actions. The film is very violent, yet you cannot make out most of it since every action scene is shot with shaky cam for no real reason, and the editing is pretty bad. At least they used squibs and other practical effects.

    Story: 5
    Directing: 6
    Cinematography: 5
    Acting: 7.5
    Sound: 7

  • The Monster Project

    The Monster Project


    What I want to focus on is what I found while researching this film: a real Monster Project. I found out about this thanks to Google. It is an organization made up of artists that has the goal of helping children recognize the power of their imaginations and encouraging them to pursue their creative potential. These artists invite children to draw monsters. Once their creations have taken shape, they bring them to life in their own artistic styles. Then, when…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Just like with Quentin Tarantino, every new movie by Edgar Wright is a special occasion: he takes 3-4 years to develop his projects, pouring a lot of time into adding easter eggs, foreshadowing, and little details that make each viewing unique. Of all his movies, Baby Driver is probably the most accessible one, and that is far from a bad thing.

    As a big fan of gimmicky movies (Boyhood being filmed over the course of twelve years, Birdman filmed to…

  • Hush



    There is something so terrifying about home invasions: being attacked in our safe haven, feeling vulnerable in our most cherished place, not being able to escape... These are some reasons why I have a soft spot for this subgenre, and Hush also adds to the mix two other things I really love: villains with unknown motivations/who are purely evil, and characters with disabilities that you can experience thanks to movie magic.

    The movie is mostly silent, since the protagonist is…