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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    Notes from the Venice Film Festival
    The film of the festival, maybe the film of the year. Poor Things is peak Lanthimos, a tale of emancipation through the breaking of societal taboos. Stone, Ruffalo, and everyone does a tremendous job in this gothic, horny, hilarious fantasy. Loved it!

  • Oppenheimer


    Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

    I don't say this lightly: Oppenheimer may be the most important film of the year. It may not tackle the social and gender issues of Barbie or the touching human drama of Past Lives and Aftersun, nor is it as grand a spectacle as John Wick: Chapter 4 or the latest Mission: Impossible.

    No, Oppenheimer is important because it feels like the ultimate wake-up call. Technological advancements keep moving forward at…

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  • Alucarda


    Film #12 of Hooptober X: My Heart is a Locked Door, and Only Horror Has the Key

    Sapphic vampires, demonic rituals, visions of hell, spontaneous combustion, and exorcisms: this 1977 Spanish cult classic has it all! Alucarda is a bonkers film, less of the exploitation picture that I was expecting (despite featuring a hefty dose of gratuitous nudity) and more of a peculiar mix of anti-Catholicism and rebellious coming-of-age. It feels like a reimagining of both Carmilla and The Exorcist,…

  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap

    Film #11 of Hooptober X: My Heart is a Locked Door, and Only Horror Has the Key

    For every scene that works in Zombieland: Double Tap, there is another that completely falls flat. Back in 2009, Zombieland quickly became one of my favorite films of my early teen years, be it for its humor, cartoonish violence, and memorable cast of characters. However, after a decade of watching more zombie films, it has definitely lost some of its appeal, and a…

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  • The Whale

    The Whale

    Notes from Venice Film Festival
    People are not ready for Brendan Fraser's beautifully heartbreaking and heartfelt return to the silver screen. Aronofsky, you outdid yourself! Now on to wipe away the tears with everyone else who attended the screening.

  • Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

    Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

    Pure vibes from beginning to end, a neon-lit fantastical dream that never slows down. Loooove the soundtrack and how bonkers it is, one of the most enjoyable films in Venice.