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  • Phantom of the Paradise

    Phantom of the Paradise


    Hooptober 2019: Bonus film #7

    Carburators, man! That's what life is all about.

    The best adaptation of Phantom of the Opera.
    The best adaptation of Faust.
    The best horror musical.
    The second best Jessica Harper picture in which the main villain is stabbed with a piece of a bird.

  • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

    Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II


    That title is just lazy, they could've called this Godzilla, Rodan and Super-Mechagodzilla: Giant Monster All-Out Custody Battle.

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  • College



    Woovember 2020: Bonus film #27

    Your speech was ridiculous. Anyone prefers an athlete to a weak-kneed teacher's pet. When you change your mind about athletes, then I'll change my mind about you.

    The original Revenge of the Nerds. Without a rape scene, but unfortunately with a blackface scene.

  • River of Death

    River of Death


    Woovember 2020: Bonus film #26

    Wolfie wanted to be Führer, Wolfie wanted to be King!

    I guess this is the prestige version of a Michael Dudikoff Cannon joint, an old-fashioned jungle adventure based on an Alistair McLean novel. Robert Vaughn and Donald Pleasence ham it up as Nazis and Dudikoff's 80s hair doesn't match the 60s setting at all.

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  • Rocketman



    I liked the part where Elton John turns into a rocket and explodes. Most biopics would have skipped that historical event.

  • The Next Karate Kid

    The Next Karate Kid


    Woovember 2020: Bonus film #19

    Never trust spiritual leader who doesn't dance.

    This is mostly just a remake of the first one, but Hilary Swank is pretty good and as a bonus we get dancing monks and fascist gym coach Michael Ironside.