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  • Home Again

    Home Again

    Ugh. One of those films where every single item of clothing you see looks brand new.

  • Dogville



    The innovative use of the soundstage and the knock-on effect of shooting this way – ie the absence of distracting backgrounds, save for a few sparsely-decorated ‘transparent’ homes and other spaces – means that director, cinematographer and viewer were/are able to fully concentrate on the actors as they carry out their work, and that’s the biggest reason why I like Dogville: it’s a terrific opportunity to closely watch a bunch of talented people as they deliver their deliberately stage-y performances.…

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Emotionally stirring, striking and heartfelt. I'd have given this five stars but have knocked half off for the awkward, jolting, shoehorned-in Will Oldham monologue (which, to his credit, he does deliver skilfully); it does set up the third act, but I wish the ghost of Casey Affleck had thrown a plate at him 30 seconds in.

  • Annihilation



    A really fascinating science fiction with elements of body horror from Alex Garland that invites interpretation and discussion; it’s also a film that I much prefer to his earlier Ex Machina, parts of which I thought were good even if the whole was a bit unsatisfying. The already much-mentioned Tarkovsky and Kubrick influences are clear to see – and it’s great to see someone aiming that high today – but I also get the sense that a more mainstream work…