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  • Seberg



    Partly a biographical study of the late Jean Seberg – or, rather, of specific circumstances during a period of her life – and partly a political thriller about the FBI’s harassment campaign that supposedly contributed significantly to her decision to commit suicide. The parts that deal with Seberg’s romantic relationships with Black Panther Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie) and novelist Romain Gary (Yvan Attal), both taking place while she was negotiating a career downturn and the aforementioned campaign by the feds,…

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever


    I feel I’ve been generous to the Bond films while rewatching them – even the spoof Casino Royale got two-and-a-half stars – but this abomination contains the worst acting in the series up to this point (too often Connery’s eyes say “fuck you pay me”) and it includes the most staggering racist moment I’ve seen in a Bond film. Mostly awful, but it does at least pick up a little bit when Blofeld reappears.

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  • Avatar



    When I first watched this – in 3D at the Odeon in Leicester Square, London – I went to the toilet straight away afterwards, and without a word of a lie there were four young kids in there throwing up. I’ve never witnessed that phenomenon for any other film before or since.

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Emotionally stirring, striking and heartfelt. I'd have given this five stars but have knocked half off for the awkward, jolting, shoehorned-in Will Oldham monologue (which, to his credit, he does deliver skilfully); it does set up the third act, but I wish the ghost of Casey Affleck had thrown a plate at him 30 seconds in.