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  • Graveyard Shift

    Graveyard Shift


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    I'll watch just about anything with Brad Dourif in it, but a bad film is a bad film. The acting especially brings it down and I struggled to even understand most of the slurred dialogue.

    But the film has a strong atmosphere, great set design and a suitably icky monster brought to life with decent puppetry effects. It all looks more expensive than it probably was, which is impressive.

    This turns King's gruesome and disturbing short story into something very trashy.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


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    The UK finally gets to see this nearly a whole year after it's USA release. Ridiculous.

    I love a good time loop story. But I think this had been hyped up a little too much for me, because while I came away greatly entertained I can't say that I loved Palm Springs. The first third of the film especially feels like its only half written and none of the characters are remotely endearing when we first…

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  • Back in Time

    Back in Time


    How do you make a documentary about Back To The Future boring? I don't know, but this manages it. Way, way too much focus on fans with no really interesting stories about the making of the films themselves.

  • Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

    Ewoks: The Battle for Endor


    The first Ewok film felt only vaguely like a Star Wars spinoff, but this one is so far removed from the franchise that it seems closer to a prequel to Willow. We're in full fantasy film territory here, with witches and castles and magic. And no hints of John Williams' musical score.

    To give it some credit, I can appreciate that this doesn't repeat the first film. It's got a completely different tone and is far more action packed. We…