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  • A Man for All Seasons

    A Man for All Seasons


    Sir Thomas More opposes King Henry VIII divorcing his wife and marrying Anne Boleyn. As Henry goes through with his divorce, a split with the Catholic church is required and the Church of England is created and Thomas, a devout catholic, becomes in the process an enemy of his friend the king.

    A fascinating film detailing in intense detail the moral quandary and tightrope that More walks in both trying to maintain his faith and stay within the letter of…

  • One Sings, the Other Doesn't

    One Sings, the Other Doesn't


    Bold and beautiful and utterly unique, Agnes Varda here does the impossible: she crafts a luminous and assertive pro abortion musical and a sincere and urgent demanding pro motherhood tone poem. 

    And the dissonance is the point, as exemplified by the title. The film is illustrating that “round or flat we decide when” and that access to abortion is as much about timing as it is about rights and that women who choose to have an abortion may also choose…

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  • The Pornographers

    The Pornographers


    A dull and weird film that revels in the tawdry-ness of the subject matter, while coyly never being subsumed by it meaning, (thankfully,) we don't see any of the gross low budget porn they're making, just how they live their lives while making it.

    Subu makes porn, he's got a couple subordinates. Subu also has a common law relationship with Haru, a woman who he used to board with, but is now Subu's wife. Subu also is raising Haru's two…

  • Trafic



    This literal comedy of errors involves getting a demo camping car to an auto show and stretches it out for a hundred minutes. The first forty or so minutes are really good, but much like “PlayTime” the film begins to drag and wear thin after a while and the gags are often good (if played too long), but not so beautifully sublime in their combinations and pacing as “Mon Oncle”. 

    Some of the montages of Peoples behavior in traffic are quite marvelous, and the final bit with everyone’s feckless windshield wipers mirroring their personalities is especially excellent

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  • Creed



    A superb film from start to finish that is just about perfect in every way. From fantastic performances, a great script, stunning cinematography and steadicam choreogepahy, flawless, brilliantly paced editing from the moments of intimacy where the film takes its time to the energetic and throwback style of the final twelve round fight.

    But what is most impressive of all is that this film has a beautifully realized theme about identity and place in the world—which perfectly dovetails with the…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    This movie is all sorts of bizarre sincere wonderful thrilling and full of charm distillation of the glorious Fantasy of “pretend” and child like awe and everything is just too perfect and delightful and holy shit gloriously dorky fun.