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  • Things


    I have just experienced Things. The inept horror version of Jeanne Dielman.

    Oh, the conundrum of what to rate bad films. This one is entertaining at points, with it's sad-sack schlubs overdubbing scenes of them drinking beer and sitting around. Mundanity at it's worst, but that's where the films shines.

    Interspersed are stardard low-budget gore effects filmed without any clarity or imagination. No matter how bad that gets, that stuff is never fun to watch.

    Stay for after the credits…

  • The Pit

    The Pit


    This movie was wild. More perverted than expected, and just the right amount of out-there. The bonkers scenes are great but there needed to more for this to really shine. It is off-kilter and fun nonetheless.

    Sammy Snyders did a good job as a the weirdo kid. I felt bad for him mostly. Everyone else, though, got what they deserved.

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  • Mystics in Bali

    Mystics in Bali


    30% dancing, 20% Cronenberg pig/human hybrid horror, 20% off-the-wall but matter-of-fact expository dialog, 20% flying heads, and 10% attempted kissing by the two leads that never works out for weird reasons.

    This story of an American girl going to Indonesia to learn about black magic for a book is.... crazy, but not crazy enough if that makes sense. Yes, the flying head scenes are awesome, especially the first one, but the oddity-factor only brings this one so far.

    Definitely a must-watch, but there are better crazy films out there.

  • Gunpowder Heart

    Gunpowder Heart


    Two girls in Guatemala are sexually assaulted and have to deal with the aftermath in a culture that they believe will do nothing to help them.

    A great pair of central performances carry the film for the first two acts, but the last act falls apart with the addition of a new character and many questionable character and plot choices.