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  • Up in the Air

    Up in the Air


    My eyes are puffy from crying over Vera Farmiga's beauty.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Quid Pro Quo


    “I used to think if aliens landed and they saw all the able-bodied people, and then they saw the people on their wheelchairs, they would say that those must be the Kings and Queens, because they have special ramps, and they never have to get up.”

  • Never Forever

    Never Forever


    One of the best Vera Farmiga performances.

  • Special Correspondents

    Special Correspondents


    The first time I watched this, I found the comedy to be awkward, and I didn't laugh at all, except for one part.

    The second time around, I laughed a lot. Probably because I watched a bit of Ricky Gervais' work after I watched this the first time, so I got his style a bit better? I don't know. Even then, my rating stays the same.