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  • Omega Doom

    Omega Doom


    Omega Doom is a take on Yojimbo set in a post-apocalyptic future. All of the characters are cyborgs of different factions, competing to find a hidden cache of weapons. It's all pretty silly but something about it kept me watching through to the end, and I think I might even recommend it. Maybe it was getting by on Rutger Hauer's charisma alone. Makes you wonder what he could have done with a better robot script.

  • Terrifier



    This movie is sniffing its own farts. You see this happen frequently in smaller slasher projects. The films try to strut around as if they've got a real Freddy or Jason on their hands but they just never do. It's always something out of Spirit Halloween's after-season clearance rack and this clown is no exception. I was impressed by the gore, which was tremendous - I just wish it was in service of a story.