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  • The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid


    Halle Bailey and Daveed Diggs carry this uninspired flick in another completely unnecessary live action remake once again padded with extraneous plotlines and exposition.

    The underwater CGI is terrible, distractingly so, which is especially noticeable after how good Talokan looked in Wakanda Forever. The movie improves a lot when it's on land, and I actually enjoyed the scenes of Eric and Ariel meeting and exploring the mainland. But crab Daveed Diggs and seagull Awkwafina rapping together was surreal.

    Also, Eric wasn't even hot. Like, come on Disney.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Of all the films Wes Anderson has ever Wes Andersoned, this is definitely the most Wes Anderson of them all.

    Somehow simultaneously completely up it's own ass and incredibly engaging. Wright, McDormand, del Toro, and Seydoux steal the show.

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  • TÁR



    Wow, I enjoyed this way more than I thought.

    The examination of modernism, and of someone who is part of an oppressed group who becomes part of said oppressive system is explored with all of the subtlety I could ask for, even as many of the main characters are pretentious and arrogant themselves.

    Can you separate the art from the artist? Should you? What happens when the artist buys into their own mystique?

    I especially loved the cinematography and sound…

  • Nope



    My thoughts are all over the place. I love a lot of the cinematography and theming, but I think Peele edged on being a bit too esoteric for what the film seemed to be going for. Probably my biggest issue was that I had trouble gelling with OJ's motivations in comparison to everyone else.

    Also, there are a few scenes (the Chimp and the mass abduction) that were disturbing as hell. Bravo to Peele for pulling that off, because I felt a little sick watching.